Choosing the right LCNC platform: Insights and Best Practices

Today, Low Code-No Code (LCNC) platforms are getting a lot of attention. Many new players are stepping into the market day by day. One can easily get confused about which one to consider for their specific needs. All these platforms differ, not only in terms of features and functionality, but also in their level of

My 17 year Born to Engineer Journey with QuEST

The ups, downs and everything in-between – Karthikeyan Munusamy   My journey at QuEST started after I completed my studies from Hindustan College of Engineering, Chennai in the year 1997. As a young engineer, all that mattered to me was to make my mark in the industry. I first started as a shift engineer in

Digital Performance Twinning: Coming of Age

A recent Gartner report states that the global market for digital twin was ~$3bn in 2020 and is set to increase to ~$50bn by 2026. This figure is expected to increase further as companies realise the true potential of the digital twin. In layman’s terms, a digital twin is a virtual representation of a real-world

Streamlining DevOps: A Building Block for Organizational Success

Considered to be one of the key accelerators for driving rapid technological advancements, DevOps has emerged has a major driver for better application development, faster product releases and feature revisions based on customer feedback. It is estimated that DevOps can decreases time spent on resolving security issues by 50%, provide a 24x faster recovery rates

Enabling Automotive OEMs Validate Vehicle Infotainment Systems

Modern in-vehicle infotainment systems connect with smart automotive technologies like ADAS systems, V2X connectivity solutions, telematics devices, smartphones, sensors etc., and integrate them with each other to provide a great driving experience. A typical high-end infotainment integrated system contains several thousands of features and the exponential combinatorial sequences that these features throw up along with

“Maligre’s Kiran wants to be an Engineer” Lokmat, 2004

For all those who don’t know, Maligre is a remote small village in Maharashtra, India. But for me, it was my entire universe when I was growing up. Because the village is mostly made up of farmers, the career options for young people like me were limited, and becoming an engineer was almost unheard of.

QuEST participates in AWS DeepRacer League

The last week of October saw QuEST Global participating in the AWS DeepRacer League 2021, a one of its kind gamified competition, designed to drive engagement for building and training machine learning models. As part of the two-day workshop, participants had to build a Machine Learning model to train a car that could compete on

Unleashing the True Power of Data

While data democratization as a concept seems fairly simple and necessary to enable employees make data-driven decisions, organizations often struggle to find the right strategy for democratizing data. While aiding companies in their digital transformation journey, one of the most common complaints was that of convenient data access. Despite having data from all different databases

Future Trends in Data Warehousing

Data warehousing as a concept had its origins in the 1980s when organizations started building warehousing solutions for business data. A data warehouse is a centralized storage and processing system for organizational data coming from a multiple sources. They enable organizations to make more informed decisions about business through data collection, consolidation, analytics and research.

QuEST: Your ADAS Solution Partner

The article talks about the ADAS service provided by QuEST to its customers that helps them save cost and reduce time to market. Background Regarded as the bridge between traditional cars and the cars of tomorrow, ADAS as a technology is enabling vehicles to perform more and more tasks intuitively and independently. According to a