Leading During Challenging Times — How to Build Trust, Care, Transparency

We are all too well aware of what happened in March 2020: offices closed, workers were sent home, and businesses across the country were forced into lay-offs. Quest Defense was not immune, and we had to make the hard decision to lay off workers to survive. However, by the spring of 2021, we could bring back the majority

Smart Home Challenges Are Worth Solving

Home automation was woven into the fabric of society long before any of it was a reality, with countless pages of science fiction offering a glimpse into what it would and could be long before technology caught up. The concept has captured public imagination, but like anything else we can imagine, it encompasses both our

An Accidental Engineer or the Choice of Destiny?

Thirty years ago, if you saw a young boy playing basketball with his rookie team in shorts on a hot summer day, determined to become a professional sportsman, that was probably me. Hi, I am Tinku Malayil Jose, head of the Center of Excellence for Embedded and Device Engineering at Quest Global. My engineering journey

I yearn to give my community the same opportunity I had

Originally from Puerto Rico, at 19, I was given the opportunity to play NCAA baseball in the USA. Despite the challenges, my parents knew this was the right decision for my future and encouraged me to shift to the USA. After playing my senior year at Eastern Connecticut State University, I went back. However, due

Scarcity of Engineering Talent within Aerospace and Defense Organizations

The Covid-19 pandemic severely impacted the Aerospace industry, leading to significant restructuring within original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and the aerospace supply chain. Production volumes were dramatically cut, and spending on new programs was canceled. However, the Aerospace & Defense (A&D) industry is seeing a faster than predicted recovery due to the rapid increase in airline

Are Global Standards & Tests for Locomotives Stretching Your Budget & Delivery Timelines?

Since the first Industrial Revolution, trains have come a very long way. Railways have been the safest and most economical mode of global transportation for ages. And, in today’s world battling climate change, railways have emerged as the least-polluting mode of transport. To maintain and further enhance the safety promised for passengers & freight on

Lucia Piedra: Proud of my Heritage

As a young Mexican-American girl, I was impressed and inspired by the great Hispanics of my time, such as Cesar Chavez—a great independence activist—and Ellen Ochoa—the first Hispanic woman to go to space. I, too, dreamt big, knowing there would be challenges and many obstacles along the way. But my vision to keep dreaming and

Software Performance Testing & Benchmarking

Executive Summary According to Dunn & Bradstreet, 59% of Fortune 500 companies experience an estimated 1.6 hours of downtime weekly. Considering the average Fortune 500 Company with a minimum of 10,000 employees is paying $56 per hour, the labor part of downtime costs for such an organization would be $896,000 weekly, translating into more than

Tinkering with toys to tools

Hi! I am Paul White, and this is my ‘Engineers of Quest Global’ story. From an early age, my parents noticed I tended to tinker with various things around the house. I would take things apart, look at them, figure out how they worked, re-assemble them, and put them back on the shelf without anybody

Lead the Next Wave of Device Engineering

With almost 75% of manufacturing companies expecting servitization to dominate the future, manufacturers know they need to go beyond the physical products and offer more to customers. This holds particularly true in the devices market, with almost all brands offering similar product features at a specific price point. Today, thanks to rapidly changing technologies, OEMs/ODMs