Automation in warehouse logistics for e-commerce, retail, grocery, manufacturing, and 3PLs is vital for streamlining processes in the supply chain. It helps optimize resources, lower costs, improve safety, reduce lead times, and provide faster ROI. Automation allows your operation to be competitive, efficient, productive, and more.


According to recent reports, 79% of leading supply chain companies are poised to adopt automation to improve key performance metrics. This will have an immediate impact on accuracy, quality, speed, and overall customer experience. Automation will streamline operations, overcoming traditional limitations such as accuracy in processing and fulfilling orders, and a limited talent pool of skilled warehouse workers.


Warehouses are adopting the latest advanced technologies and equipment, such as AI, machine learning, IoT, AMRs (autonomous mobile robots), AR/VR, and track-and-trace. These automate repetitive tasks, optimize space utilization, and improve worker safety, and drive throughput.


However, implementing large automation systems in warehouses is a complex, costly, and time-consuming task that involves overcoming a combination of technical, operational and logistical challenges that must be carefully navigated to create efficient and effective systems. This complexity requires multidisciplinary expertise and continuously adaptating to evolving technologies and business needs.


Quest Global: The trusted thinking partner for end-to-end warehouse automation systems


Our 25+ years of experience in industrial technology and enterprise systems means that we understand deeply the intricacies of warehouse systems, operations, and automation technologies. We are experts at building and customizing warehouse automation and warehouse software systems to overcome the specific challenges of our customers. With our deep industry knowledge and digital expertise, we bring engineering best practices, interoperability and operational excellence to warehousing.


We excel in complex project management, ensuring smooth and efficient implementation of automation initiatives, end-user training, helping our partners optimize warehouse operations, to help our customers stay competitive in a rapidly evolving business environment.

Focus Areas

  • Software systems
  • Equipment
  • Operational support

  • Warehouse management systems
  • Warehouse execution systems
  • Labor management
  • Slotting systems
  • Robotic integration

  • Conveyor systems
  • AS/RS
  • Sortation systems
  • Shuttles
  • Workstation systems
  • Put-walls
  • Pack stations

  • 24/7 Live production support
  • Data analytics solutions
  • System upgrades

Solutions & Services

Project execution

We provide expertise and support at every stage of warehouse automation project execution. We manage the integration of various components and technologies, including software integration for control and data management. We test and validate automation system functions.

Product development

With extensive experience in product development, we design, develop, validate, and support mechanical, electrical, mechatronics, software, and control system engineering. We optimize the product development process, ensuring cost reduction without compromising on quality.

Legacy code refactoring

Our legacy code refactoring for warehouse automation systems modernizes and improves the efficiency and reliability of the software. Our expertise ensures a smooth migration aligning with modern software development practices and simplifies system maintenance, testing, and updating.

Test automation

We offer customized automated testing for systems, integration, peak load handling, and new feature releases. These are critical for timely, cost-effective, high-quality site rollouts.

Operational support and software sustaining

Our sustaining engineering services enable OEMs to focus on their future product line, extend the core life of their products, and efficiently utilize resources. A globally located, domain-focused support team ensures 24/7 operational support to minimize downtime.


We support automation providers in efficiently developing, deploying, and managing the software and control systems that govern warehouse automation by taking on their undifferentiated heavy-lifting tasks. This results in a more reliable, agile, and responsive warehouse automation system.

Cloud services

Our cloud computing services helps organizations streamline workflows, gather data, and automate procedures through a centralized solution. All while enhancing security, adhering to data regulations, and maintaining sub-second response times for mission-critical systems.

Data analytics & machine learning

With our data analytics and machine learning capabilities, we help our partners enhance their warehouse automation system's efficiency, productivity, and overall performance. We help them identify data sources within the warehouse automation system and integrate them into a centralized data repository. This repository can be used to optimize warehouse operations, improve decision-making, and help with preventative maintenance of mission-critical systems.

Control system application engg. (HW)

We design and develop (detail engineering) complete warehouse control system hardware to operate warehouses. This includes system design, network design, hardware/sub-system selection, cyber security, BoM preparation, sourcing, configuration & testing. Respective detail engineering includes control panel design & layout, manufacturing drawings, IO engineering, cable and cable-tray routing, termination drawings, panel/system HW FAT, etc.

Control system application engineering (SW)

We offer end-to-end services for control system functionality implementation through the configuring/programming of operation technology systems such as PLCs, HMI, SCADA, etc. Our multi-industry experience and best practices help our customers achieve improved productivity, reduced downtime, and overall operational efficiency within the warehouse environment.


Our simulation solutions are tailor-made for warehousing operators to utilize resources optimally and maximize efficiency.

Installation & commissioning

We help organizations take on the role of project management, overseeing the entire process from planning to execution. From software deployments, integration, and user acceptance testing to production cut-off, user training, and after-go-live support, we oversee the entire implementation process.

Our accelerators

Asset management

Machine learning and artificial intelligence framework

AR/VR remote assist platform

3D simulators (factory)

Digital twin

Success Stories

Project and product development support with ownership of strategic work streams

$10M in annual savings through ownership of strategic workstreams

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Project execution to support large automation projects

Reduced time-to-delivery with large engineering teams using a local-global approach

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