The network is the backbone for Communications Service Providers (CSPs) and is critical to their operations. The network enables CSPs to deliver reliable and uninterrupted customer services, ensuring smooth communication across a variety of platforms and devices. 


A well-designed network enables CSPs to deliver high-quality services efficiently. To achieve this, accurate network planning and designing are essential to ensure optimal utilization of resources and meet the demands of an ever-growing customer base. 


Network infrastructure involves significant capital expenditure (CAPEX) and ongoing operational expenses (OPEX). Therefore, CSPs must optimize costs and drive a better return on investment (ROI). An efficiently planned and designed network helps reduce expenses and maximize cost-effectiveness.


Quest Global's smart network design, and build & transform framework provides data-driven capabilities, from site engineering to network planning & design, and seamless integration to acceptance. Our approach is a First Time Right (FTR) framework built to support a CSP's transformation journey. Our framework results in a robust network with high availability and fast connectivity, leading to seamless communication experiences and enhanced customer satisfaction.


Focus Areas

  • Fixed Networks
  • Mobile Networks
  • Private Networks

We help broadband providers transform networks, enabling them to achieve their total capacity, maximize profitability, and remain ahead of the curve. Our services include:


⦁ Smart network design & build
⦁ Network automation
⦁ Gigabit smart solutions
⦁ Network Transformation

We help mobile operators plan, design, deploy, and maintain mobile networks to meet the increasing demand of a growing mobile subscriber base. Our services include:


⦁ Network planning & optimization
⦁ Network deployment services
⦁ End-to-end network automation orchestration
⦁ 5G network function (CORE, RU)
⦁ 5G for enterprise
⦁ Open RAN, 4G/5G RAN
⦁ UI/UX design

We help set up highly efficient and secure communication networks that are key for a seamless digital transformation across aerospace, automotive, energy utilities, healthcare, and more. Our services include:


⦁ Private 4G and 5G networks 
⦁ Reliable and secure
⦁ Compatible with new and emerging technologies 

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