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Be it home entertainment, offices, wearables, connected cars or smart cities and infrastructure, technology pervades every aspect of human life today. With the rapid adoption of smartphones, tablets and other mobile technologies, OEMs must now leverage  efficient design, ergonomics & form factors, applications, and cloud services to enhance user experiences and provide wider range of services to consumers. New-age technologies are also pushing OEMs to do a complete product overhaul, be it hardware or software. A consumer electronic device, personal or enterprise, needs to have glitch-free connectivity, scalable applications, fool-proof security and privacy, robust power management, and seamless integration ability with the larger ecosystem. And all this needs to be done faster and at an optimized cost.  

Focus Areas

  • Embedded Product Engineering
  • Software Product Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Application, UI/UX
  • Testing Services

  • Electronics Hardware
  • Embedded firmware & middleware
  • Verification & Validation

  • Desktop | Mobile | Web & Cloud applications
  • Testing & Automation
  • Data Engineering

  • Engineering Simulation
  • CFD / Heat Transfer Analysis
  • Cost Engineering
  • Detail Engineering

  • Multi-Model HMI (Voice, NLP, Gesture)
  • UI / UX design
  • Video Analytics
  • GPU Computing
  • Analytics

  • Testing
  • Test Automation
  • DevOps

Transforming Challenges to Opportunities


Design Thinking, Lean Startup, Agile

New Product Introduction

Fastest Time To Market, Improved Performance, Enhanced Quality

Sustenance Factory

Longer Product Life, Faster Releases


For accelerated cloud services and workloads


Build cognitive intelligence in enterprise systems

Obsolescence Management

Early identification and mitigation of risks

Integrated Product Engineering Capabilities

Ownership of ODM Management

Expertise across the complete spectrum of the product life cycle – concept, design, manufacturing and after-market services

15+ Years of Domain Expertise

Expertise in enabling customers deliver innovative products to market at speed at the lowest possible cost

n-Device Expertise

Display & accessories, personal systems, AV systems, home electronics, graphics & gaming, wearables, printer & peripherals, enterprise productivity apps

Cutting Edge Technologies

Blockchain, NLP, Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning/Deep Learning, AR/VR

Eco-System Partners

Trusted by the world's leading brands to deliver truly future-ready solutions.

Solution Accelerators

Solutions built with deep cross-domain expertise & cutting-edge technologies backed by QuEST’s eco-system partnerships.

Accelerators & Frameworks

QuEST IoT Platform

With this accelerator platform, we simplify the technology challenges in our customers’ digital transformation journey, and enable measurable business outcomes for them.

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AR360 is an end-to-end customized augmented reality (AR) solution designed to enhance enterprise workforce productivity. It allows users to accelerate digital workflows through the AR app for smart glasses and mobile devices.

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Device as a Service (DaaS) Accelerator

QuEST’s DaaS Accelerator simplifies tasks such as sourcing, supporting, and managing of IT hardware assets with a modern cloud-deployed service model. With DaaS, customers can boost productivity.

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Product Maintenance Integrity Using Blockchain

QuEST’s framework is designed to ensure a decentralized and distributed digital ledger ensuring product maintenance integrity using blockchain technology.

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Adaptive FOTA Solution

QuEST’s Adaptive FOTA is a solution to securely update IoT devices software using delta upgrade technology across multiple geographies, at once, through cloud.

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Machine Learning (ML) Accelerator for Data Analytics

QuEST’s accelerator is a data driven, guided platform for accelerating the development and deployment of ML and DL models for enterprise data including text and numerical, resulting in productivity improvement.

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Augmented Analytics Solution

QuEST’s proprietary product has been developed using solutions based on the most recent innovations in the field of semantic technologies (Web 3.0), Natural Languages Processing (NLP), etc.

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Test Center Management Platform

This platform helps QA teams to manage and track tasks, assets and other manually performed operations in their day-to-day work. The platform offers a ticketing based system for business units to raise testing requests.

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Software Intelligent Framework for Testing

Test automation for multi-platform solutions needs an end-to-end framework that suits them all. QuEST has created this solution by customizing open source tools to accelerate test automation on desktop, firmware, web and mobile platforms.

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Success Stories

New Revenue Streams

A Fortune 100 computing major, today generates significant additional revenue from the DaaS platform we jointly developed for laptops.

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Integrated Product Engineering

Ownership of integrated product engineering and ODM management of a world class color critical monitor that has won Technology Oscar and Best of NAB awards

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Enterprise app for Media sales

Heavy Lifting on Hadoop

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Smart & Connected Product

Transformed a dumb cash safe to smart and connected one combining product engineering and digital capabilities thereby improving market share, operational efficiency and profitability.

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Development of first defense grade Android for mobile devices

First defense grade Android designed from the ground up to overcome the many security shortcomings of the Android Open Source Project (AOSP)

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Quality Assurance

Total quality assurance partner for one of the top 3 HiFi device manufacturer with specialized offshore labs that resulted in 20% less defects via automation

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Extended Reality

AR360 – A Platform To Easily Deploy & Manage AR/VR Solutions. 30% reduction in installation & maintenance time.

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AV Systems Software Development Center & Test Automation

A world leader in high-end audio/video systems was looking for a strategic partner. QuEST delivered a fully functional unit in 12 months

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Mechanical Product Engineering

Accelerate your design and development of new age mechanical products

Engineering Analysis

Accelerate and develop innovative products through latest analysis methods and tools

After Market Services

Extend product life, reduce costs, and improve maintenance and repair processes

Embedded Product Engineering

Design, develop and sustain electronics and embedded products

Software Product Engineering

Manage, renew & modernize your software tech-backbone

Enterprise Application Services

With our rich experience in enterprise software, cloud and infrastructure, mobility, AI and deep domain knowledge across industries, we empower customers to become smart and innovative enterprises

Testing and Automation

Our services helps discover errors when they are less costly to fix

Digital Technology Solutions

Solutions to improve productivity and customer experience


It’s not just a job. It’s an opportunity to engineer a new world.

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