Communications Service Providers (CSPs) are embarking on an exciting yet challenging journey as they invest billions to build strong and efficient fixed and mobile networks. With 5G technology projected to reach $13.2 trillion in global economic output over the next decade, the million-dollar question is how can CSPs capitalize on revenue while optimizing their investments.


Maximizing enterprise revenue is a key growth factor in the 5G landscape, driving the need for efficient networks, high-speed data, lower latency, and robust capacity. To unlock better ROI for these massive investments, CSPs must embrace IoT, cloud, open RAN, and network slicing capabilities. 


At Quest Global, our deep industry knowledge and exceptional digital expertise enable network operators, enterprises, and network equipment providers to connect to the world seamlessly. We have been part of the broadband and 4G journeys and are committed to supporting your progress into future technologies, including 5G advancements, 6G, and beyond. We strive to be the most trusted partner for the world's hardest communications engineering problems, helping our customers attain robust networks, optimized revenue, and continued success amidst the ever-evolving technological landscape.


Focus Areas

  • Communications Service Providers
  • Network Equipment Providers (NEP)
  • Enterprises

Communication Service Providers (CSPs) have transformed significantly in the last decade. However, in the face of continued digital disruption, many CSPs are experiencing significant capex overburn and are under tremendous pressure to continuously improve their network efficiency by improving their 5G and fiber networks. Our solutions help CSPs improve network efficiency, optimize costs, and maximize ROI. Our expertise includes:

⦁ Network Engineering
⦁ 5G
⦁ Digital Engineering
⦁ Data analytics

Digital disruption and 5G technology are driving Network Equipment Providers (NEPs) to power more network products and solutions that are an integral part of our everyday lives. However, NEPs face intense competition, tremendous cost pressure, and supply chain and logistics issues in the 5G, IOT, and AI space. 


Our extensive expertise and global scale help NEPs design network products, from concept to design to cloud, and enable them to stay ahead with the ever-evolving industry. Our expertise includes:

⦁ Product Engineering
⦁ Digital Engineering
⦁ AI and ML

In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, real-time data-driven automation is crucial to drive operational efficiency, and to make faster, more accurate decisions.


Our comprehensive solutions enable seamless digital transformations, helping businesses harness the power of technology to enhance customer experiences, optimize operations, and fuel growth in the communication sector. Our expertise includes:

⦁ Private networks
⦁ Network planning & optimization


Network Engineering

First Time Right (FTR) framework to support a carrier’s transformation journey


Quest Global's smart network design, build & transform framework provides data-driven capabilities, from site engineering to network planning & design, and seamless integration to acceptance. Our FTR framework is built to support a CSP's transformation journey, resulting in a robust network with high availability and fast connectivity. This results in seamless communication experiences and enhanced customer satisfaction.

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Digital Engineering

Making the shift from a carrier to technology company


Leveraging over two decades of diverse technological expertise across industries, we offer CSPs a fresh and innovative approach to digital transformation, ensuring optimal outcomes for their investments.

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Product Engineering

Staying ahead of the curve


The changing technology landscape has put increased pressure on CSPs to achieve efficient networks with high-speed data, lower latency, and robust capacity. Our expertise in product engineering extends to all aspects of edge gateways, testing, and automation, helping customers unlock an improved ROI.

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Success Stories

Cloud-based value-added services (VAS) for a US-based Telecom provider

Provided customers with Cloud-based, value-added services that can be accessed and managed from their devices and offered next-gen messaging services for their users.

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Enterprise mobility strategy for a telecom giant

Created business services applications equipped with Single Sign On (SSO) from users’ mobile devices that can be downloaded when needed.

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Upgrading over 250Mn 2G subscribers to 4G technology

Upgraded customers of one of the world’s largest mobile operators from 2G to 4G technology and enhanced proliferation of 4G access in rural areas.

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It’s not just a job. It’s an opportunity to engineer a new world.

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