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  • Questians Speak

    When our customers win, we win. Strategic Account Partnering helps achieve this.

    Bob Harvey, President, Strategic Accounts
  • Employee Speak

    At QuEST we volunteer for promoting STEM education in the US.

    Stephanie Gagliardi
  • Leader Speak

    Ever since we started our relationships with UK customers in 2004, UKTI has made significant contribution in helping us get to UK.

    Ajay Prabhu, COO
  • Recent hacking incidents in the automotive industry reveal that when the infotainment system is hacked, the hacker gets control over the vehicle’s entire control systems. This affects the safety of the driver, passengers

  • Internet of Things (IoT) is the new buzzword that could impact the performance and efficiency of systems and processes. Developing a monitoring and diagnostics system over an IoT platform is nothing new for the automatio

  • In November 2007, Google first released Android as an operating system (OS), targeted primarily at smart phones. Since then, we have witnessed its phenomenal success. It is today the most popular OS for smart phones.