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  • Questians Speak

    When our customers win, we win. Strategic Account Partnering helps achieve this.

    Bob Harvey, President, Strategic Accounts
  • Employee Speak

    At QuEST there’s no dearth of opportunities. Explore our career opportunities in our Romania office.

    Dr. Gerhard Elfinger, Head of Electronics, Electrics & Software
  • Leader Speak

    How can ESOs enable OEMs to be the game changers in the automotive industry?

    Steve Gerber, Senior Vice President
  • No more running back to the drawing board again and again. Partner with us to test your designs and do not propose for design iteration costs in your next budget plan.

  • After the aftermath of Note 7 debacle, experts are discussing on what could have gone wrong with a product that was feature rich and boasted of best display? Let’s deep dive in to today’s product engineering landscape.

  • “Manufacturing defects are a huge issue for the industry. In some cases, 50% of production can end up as scrap because of defects, while in some complex manufacturing lines the rate of scrap can be as high as 90%,” explains Odd Myklebust, the IFACOM coordinator at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim.1 … Continue reading Zero defects – the new norm!

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