Achieve Accuracy
We helped a customer in automotive industry achieve 99.6 percent accuracy on GTSRB dataset by…
Enhance Experience
Rapid digitalization, advanced analytics, modern self-learning and interactive systems are making in-vehicle infotainment more effective.…
Certified Competence
From ISO 26262 to ASPICE Level 5, our expertise has been recognized and certified by…


End-to-End Solutions
Our competence in development control, end-to-end project management capability and complete ownership of responsibility reduced…


Stay Ahead of Competition
Our expertise in instrument cluster comes in handy to deliver hybrid systems like in-vehicle infotainment…
Augmented Reality (AR): The future of vehicle infotainment
In-vehicle infotainment systems based on Augmented Reality is all set to revolutionize the automotive industry.…


Reliable Autos
We enable our customers to adopt closed-loop design processes to make sure that new features…
Performance Promised
Our analysis of vehicle ventilation systems helped increase flow rate, improve turning effectiveness and reduce…

Powertrain and Chassis

Reduce Test Time
By supporting the customer with effective hardware planning and scheduling, we helped them with cost…
Deliver On Time
Learn how we helped a customer by delivering an transfer case ECU on schedule and…
CFD Analysis to Reduce Exhaust Noise for Customer SUVs
Our prediction analysis enables design solutions for better environs. Our aero-acoustic predictions of the exhaust…
Powertrain and Chassis
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