Board of Directors

Executive Leadership

Executive Leadership - Quest Defense

Quest Defense Systems & Solutions (Quest Defense) was founded as a U.S. subsidiary of Quest Global in 2021. The company was established to leverage the 20+ years of Aerospace & Defense engineering expertise at Quest Global with an initial focus on supporting U.S.-based Aerospace & Defense companies.

Corporate Governance

Corporate Governace
Corporate Governance at Quest Global

The Board of Directors for Quest Global is responsible for broad corporate policy and overall performance of the Company through oversight of management and stewardship of the Company to enhance the long-term value of the Company for its shareholders and the vitality of the Company for its other stakeholders. In carrying out its responsibility, the Board has specific functions, in addition to the general oversight of management and Company’s business performance, including providing input and perspective in evaluating alternative strategic initiatives; reviewing and, where appropriate, approving fundamental financial and business strategies and major corporate actions; ensuring processes are in place to maintain the integrity of the Company; evaluating the Chief Executive Officer; and monitoring the culture and values of the Company.


The Board also ensures mature Corporate Governance through:

• Code of Conduct and Ethics

• Whistle-blower policy

• Regular review of Enterprise Risks and

Compliance needs

• Direction for Corporate Social Responsibility

Supplier Code of Conduct

To provide due attention to various facets of the business, the board has the following committees set up amongst its members:

• Audit Committee: Reviews financials, auditor’s reports and compliance matters

• Compensation Committee: Reviews all matters with respect to compensation structures

• Nomination committee: Helps the board in the selection of suitable Board Members