Every latest gadget needs a chip, whether an iPhone, a smartwatch, or a myriad of intelligent devices. With such products being annually updated, there is a huge demand for ultra-low power, smaller form factor connectivity, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) based chipsets that must also be secured against cyber threats. 

This is precisely why performance and reliability become critical parameters for semiconductor and system manufacturing companies. Many such companies have partnered with us for end-to-end semiconductor design services. Such partnerships have immensely helped these companies scale up their engineering output as we help them solve the complex technology challenges across the product design lifecycle while meeting stringent time-to-market demands. We currently support up to 3nm designs, and 60% of our silicon engineers work on 7/6/5/4/3 nm technology nodes. We have supported 300+ custom SoC tape-outs in the last five years while delivering customer-specific requirements.

Quest Global is a trusted engineering partner for companies manufacturing custom SoCs (Systems on Chip) and Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASIC). We provide end-to-end turnkey services for high-performance Integrated Circuits (IC) development from concept to production. Apart from all this, we also support:

  • System architecture development, including virtual platforms for architecture validation
  • Early software and specifications development
  • Register Transfer Level (RTL) and integration
  • Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) chip prototyping and emulation services
  • Physical design, design verification, and DFT insertion
  • Complete analog and mixed-signal (AMS) IC development services


Silicon Engineering

The demand for ultra-low power, smaller form factor connectivity, AI and security chipsets is getting a significant boost with increased adoption of cutting-edge devices. Performance & reliability are the new success mantras.

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Platform Engineering

The pervasive use of semiconductors is evident all around us - automotive, industrial, consumer electronics, with a total of 30 billion IoT connections expected by 2025. Connected devices & AI, the technology megatrend, is driving the development of custom chipsets.

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Learn how we enabled our clients in the Semiconductor Equipment OEM industry achieve strategic business outcomes

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Our engineering services and solutions for product development and product lifecycle management are further strengthened through our partnerships with market leaders in technologies related to edge, cloud, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and industrial IoT.

It’s not just a job. It’s an opportunity to engineer a new world.

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