For designing and building future-proof semiconductors, today’s most critical challenges are in:

  • Transitioning for the move to multi-dye with unified solutions that combine contrasting technologies
  • Designing energy-efficient chips which meet the computing requirements with minimum power consumption
  • Sourcing reliable, resilient, and secure parts as per specifications from multiple vendors coupled with robust design & verification practices, scenario testing, and adherence to standards


Quest Global is a trusted engineering partner for companies manufacturing custom SoCs (Systems on Chip) and Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASIC). We provide end-to-end turnkey services for high-performance Integrated Circuits (IC) development from concept to production.


  • Architecture
  • RTL Design & Integration
  • Design Verification
  • FPGA Prototyping and Emulation
  • Design For Test (DFT)
  • Physical Design
  • Analog & Mixed Signal

Our experts in the architecture team provide end-to-end consultation and innovative services for - systems architecture and modeling, performance analysis, and specification development for SOC / ASICs for various applications such as self-driving, automotive infotainment, AR/VR, wireless standards, AI/neuromorphic cores, image processing, various analog IPs and high-speed interconnects. 

System Level Design

  • Automotive ICs
  • Neuromorphic processors
  • Custom AI cores
  • At or near memory compute engines
  • Signal processing IPs
  • Camera and lidar image processing
  • AR/VR applications


Architecture brainstorming with customers

Architecture analysis:

  • Developing complete system SOC models
  • Virtual platform development and analysis
  • Performance simulations
  • Early SW platform development

Specification development

  • Architecture and microarchitecture spec development
  • System SW architecture specification

Our design engineers are experienced in various aspects of RTL design, including the design and development services of chips and systems. Collaborating with architecture teams worldwide, our teams have successfully defined systems architecture and SOC architecture in various domains. We have also developed the complete Register Transfer Language (RTL) for numerous core logic blocks and SoC integration sub-systems. Our team members collaborate with the manufacturer's physical design teams to ensure design performance and power constraints on the one hand; on the other hand, they also work with the verification team for the test plans, coverage plans, and coverage closures.

Our Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) engineering services address design and layout verification challenges for microchips in automotive, communications, computing systems, AI applications, medical instrumentation, and wireless electronic devices.

  • Architecture and Micro-architecture specifications
  • RTL development and verification
  • Design integration
  • System C Modeling
  • Synthesis, constraints, and low power

To help our customers deliver complex designs within their time, budget, and infrastructure constraints, we combine our engineering, technological and industrial expertise with our best practices (processes, methodologies, and tools) in hardware design verification.


Starting with consultancy, we even deliver comprehensive turnkey design verification, including complete architecture, development of new test benches, BFMs, new VIPs, scoreboards, and extensive coverage metrics. Our structured process methodologies for design verification and validation testing effectiveness ensure a bug-free product.


Moreover, our partnerships with leading EDA providers help our customers with early access to the latest tools and methodologies for all their first-time pass criteria. We also develop custom Verification IPs of standard interfaces for various industries by combining our expertise in ASIC design verification, model-based design, design validation/verification testing, and advanced verification methodologies. To deliver these services for custom needs, we have also created Offshore Delivery Centers (ODC) for blue-chip semiconductor companies from across the globe.


  • Functional Verification
  • Low Power Design Verification & Testing
  • Formal Verification
  • FPGA Emulation and SW Emulation

To save time & money for our customers with FPGA prototyping & Emulation, our team maps the client SOC / ASIC to FPGA platforms, allowing both hardware and software validation. Such practices not only expedite SW development & testing but also ensure the higher performance needed for real-time SW.


To accelerate design verification that closely matches the system verification environment, we can map large SOCs to either FPGA platforms or emulation boxes. This mapping permits performance simulations that would otherwise be too slow to run on the system. We use Palladium or Veloce as Large Emulation platforms.


Our services also include Hybrid Prototyping, where our virtual platform can be connected to the FPGA platform to develop hardware-aware software early in the design cycle.

System on Chip (SoC) testing is becoming more complex with increasing process sophistication, decreasing circuit size, and power consumption limits.


Our services & solutions in Design for Test (DFT) technology focus on decreasing the complexity, difficulty, and cost of testing an integrated circuit. With the ever-increasing design complexity, such as numerous memory components, mixed-signal blocks, and IPs from several vendors consolidated onto a single SoC, DFT Implementation and Production Test signoffs have become significant hurdles.


At Quest Global, we use a hybrid algorithm with a balanced compression ratio scan to consistently achieve the highest pattern count. Before plugging into the SoC, our teams generate an MBSIT , tested on standalone test benches with multiple modes such as diagnostic, hard repair, soft repair, and BIST verification.


  • Test architecture
  • Scan & Scan-compression insertion
  • MBIST insertion and simulation
  • JTAG (1149.1/.6), iJTAG(1687), Core0Wrp(1500), UPF (1801.n) for safety
  • RTL | Gate Level | Post-layout simulation
  • ATPG patterns generation | Simulation & diagnostics
  • SDC Test constraint & timing closure
  • Silicon debug – Bring up support and ATE testing

With a proven physical design flow, methodologies, and dedicated subject matter experts, we have delivered turnkey silicon design services to many clients for successful silicon tape-outs. With our engineers experienced in tape-outs of all sizes, we are working on all planar and FinFET nodes down to 3nm ASIC technology nodes. 


  • Physical Design
  • Floorplan & Placement
  • I/O Ring Planning, Bump planning, and RDL routing
  • Timing optimization, Clock tree analysis & routing
  • STA
  • Power analysis (IR/EM/Signal EM/LP)
  • Physical verification
  • Formal verification


With proven physical design flows, methodologies, and dedicated subject matter experts, we have delivered turnkey silicon design services for successful silicon tape-outs to many customers. We work on all planar, FinFET, ASIC technology nodes, as our engineers are qualified in tape-outs of all sizes.


Our analog team is experienced in developing ultra-low-power SoCs. Our teams have worked on numerous IPs with integrated power management features with CMOS, BiCMOS, SOI, and FinFET devices with nodes down to 3nm. Our team members have proven their expertise by developing high-speed communications, high-speed serial interfaces, power management modules, data converters, low-power RF, and other high-value analog IP macros.


Our seasoned engineering teams can build the most challenging analog or AMS designs. Be it for automotive, avionics, industrial, or consumer products, we help our customers meet high performance, low power consumption, and reduced size & cost requirements to manufacture their intelligent devices quickly and cost-effectively.


Our team of industry veterans provides end-to-end services from designing, layout/mask design, and verification to production support and product sustenance.


  • Architecture & Specifications
  • Schematic
  • Circuit Simulation
  • AMS test bench & simulation
  • Real number modeling


  • Circuit Layout
  • Physical Verification
  • Reliability Verification

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35+ tapeouts covering NextGen 7nm & 12nm processors for a global chip major in gaming and desktop computing.

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Integrated product engineering of  EDA tools (HW & SW) supporting multiple processor architectures

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