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With one eye on the horizon, we are well-aware of the challenges OEMs are starting to face. The post COVID-19 world has fast tracked the rail industry to intensify its focus on process digitalisation. Meanwhile, climate change has reinforced the need to develop innovative and environmentally safe rail networks – as governments set deadlines for industries to provide and operate carbon-neutral networks.

Businesses need to think faster, be more competitive and design solutions that link in a smart way with the rest of the increasingly sophisticated infrastructure.

QuEST Global understands current and emerging financial and operational challenges rail businesses face. We provide the latest and very best services to address these challenges in design, development, manufacture and sales. We tailor these services to our customers’ needs, so they can pass on the benefits of cutting-edge technology to rail companies worldwide for safer, cleaner, reliable and more economical journeys.

Ultimately, we solve challenges to help passengers reach destinations and keep freight on the move more effortlessly, while accelerating development and decreasing costs.


Focus Areas

Module Product Engineering

Our breadth of experience covers all aspects of equipment required in the rail industry. Some of the equipment we have engineered includes Propulsion Systems, TCMS, Interiors equipment, Car bodies, Electrical Wiring Inter-Connect Systems, and more.

Rolling Stock Vehicle Engineering

QuEST focuses on solutions that increase the life of rolling stock, with optimised maintenance that reduces costs and keeps trains on the track. Our turnkey methodologies for integrated systems and solutions cover all aspects of rolling stock engineering, keeping fleets at the leading edge, and their passengers on time.

Fleet and Service Support Solutions

The best fleet is a reliable fleet. Modifications to fleet and services support the life extension of rolling stock and aids fleet refurbishment. We have completed projects that involve both major and minor modifications to fleet vehicles and modules.

Signalling Solutions

We enable market-leading design methods and technology to develop new signalling solutions. As we do this, we always look to the future with our clients to create next-generation systems. We understand the digitisation of signalling is essential to upgrading the world’s rail infrastructure. QuEST is part of that revolution, using our global reach to help implement Best Cost Country content while delivering to SIL-4 standards.

Solutions for Operators

Operators have a lot to consider for the day-to-day operations of the railway, so integrated solutions which combines rail industry knowledge with understanding gained from across the transport sector allow for greater success when it comes to management and data analytics.

Turnkey Solutions


Redesigning cabs

Our video demonstrates how we have worked with Rolling Stock OEMs to redefine driver cab ergonomics to create safer and more efficient train driving.


Wiring in standards

QuEST transformed a leading Rolling Stock OEM’s process from start to finish to standardise safety and maintenance to improve its Electrical Wiring Interconnection System (EWIS)


Controlling success

Watch how we helped a major rail OEM to achieve a near 100% success rate for testing on all major train control management system function groups.

Rail Industry Services

Design and Development

QuEST designs and develops mechanical systems, electrical systems, software and hardware. We cut cost and weight for our clients whilst pushing for better manufacturing process, performance and reliability.

Verification and Validation

We support the rail industry’s verification and validation processes for both software and hardware. We test systems, units, software to software, and software to hardware. Our specialised test lab allows us to help customers build simulations and test racks.

Engineering Analysis and Simulation

Our engineering analysis includes hardware modules, systems and structures – using everything from classic stress testing to advanced computational fluid dynamics.

Operations and Supply Chain

We can audit, negotiate terms and track down scarce materials. We also keep high standards through tracking conformance, speed of delivery and overall supplier performance.

Success stories

State of the Art Signaling and Monitoring Solutions for Safer and Efficient Rail

QuEST helps clients develop communications systems which improve the safety and efficiency of networks. See how we did this by building the first ever heavy-haul SIL4 with a client, which covered more than 500km of track and 190 trains – driving revenue up by 15 to 20 per cent.

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Intelligent field asset monitoring to optimise performance

Daily monitoring of the health of onboard equipment and units for all field Trials/FTON’s associated with new software releases.

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Platform-built, compatible and future-ready designs

Auxiliary converter design providing high electrical power capacity of 265 kVA , serves all IR demands in diverse segments.

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Optimised terminal operations while saving costs

100% On-time delivery for multiple releases and ~50 % savings utilizing QuEST resources vs. hiring internal resources

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Reduction in cycle time and simplification of shop-floor components

We use augmented reality to take engineering onto the next level. We created an application which allowed teams of engineers to identify the correct procedure in any given situation, whilst tracking material cost and quality.

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Bombardier Transportation extends its successful partnership with QuEST Global

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