From jet engines to CT imaging, QuEST understands the engineering needs of a wide variety of industries. Our deep engineering expertise can be applied to all the industries we serve, helping strengthen your foundation to design, improve, or support any product.

Industries served

Aerospace and defense

At 30,000 feet, safety, compliance, efficiency, and cost have a different meaning and dimension. Our vast engineering experience over the years has helped us understand these nuances better and ensure your sky-high needs are met.

Aero engines

As the Aero Engine industry shifts focus towards new product development, with our strong understanding and experience in engine and component design, testing, and after market support, we can help you ensure utmost efficiency.

Industrial and high-tech

The industrial and high-tech industry is making rapid advances; their products are indispensable today. However, they are also more commoditized. We can help you with rapid innovation across your product value chain.

Medical devices

As the medical devices industry continues to evolve, so is the need to rapidly bring superior products to various well established and emerging markets. Our tailored solutions can help.

Oil and gas

Efficiency of operations, reliability, and speed are the three main challenges and opportunities in the oil and gas industry. To improve your operational excellence and control costs, trust our engineering experts.


Success in the power industry hinges on smart innovation and with QuEST on your side, finding new ways of thinking and operating gets much easier.


The key to success in transportation is being more responsive and our precision engineering is just what you need to stay ahead. 

Proven Track Record

At QuEST, we have not just the expertise, but also a proven track record, of helping global clientele.  

We try to understand the emerging needs of our customers and delight them with best in class and novel engineering solutions. A pioneering leader in mechatronic engineering services and solutions, we have a diversified global footprint. We partner with the most trusted names in Aero Engines, Aerospace & Defense, Transportation, Medical Devices, Power, Oil and Gas and other industries. We collaborate to deliver solutions across the complete product life cycle, in the fastest and most valuable manner, spanning complex systems, platforms and products.