Advancements in processors, connectivity, sensors, pervasive technologies, and embedded software have generated a growing market for Robotics, smart consumer devices, and industrial automation. This evolution further fuels the need for high-performance, low-power, secure, connected, and small form-factor designs.


Quest Global has revolutionized secure and innovative product designs for global customers across various industrial domains with comprehensive platform engineering services in Digital, FPGA design, embedded systems, software development, and security solutions.


Our platform engineering experts enable next-gen solutions, devices, and systems design. At the same time, our premium partnerships with leading technology semiconductor companies like ARM, Renesas, Nvidia, NXP, TSMC, Microsoft, and others provide us with early access and expertise on their latest platforms.


Our secure embedded systems design services combine the best design practices with the proper selection of technology stacks, enabling our clients to stay on the cutting edge of innovation.


  • Embedded Product Engineering
  • Software Product Engineering
  • Digital Technologies

Embedded technology is at the core of modern products and experiences such as autonomous cars, smart cities, medical devices, and intelligent assembly lines. With the growing demand for personalized service, companies need agile development and faster release cycles. Quest Global specializes in embedded product engineering, software engineering, providing niche digital capabilities across AI, DL, ML, and IoT. We help our clients create innovative connected devices and smart solutions and realize faster development and cost savings. We help our customers with:

  1. Industrialized Semiconductor platforms
  2. SDK Development and maintenance
  3. Reference Platform Design
  4. Post Silicon Validation and SDK Validation

In today’s era of digital interaction, seamless customer experiences are a necessity. Quest Global's agile approach to software engineering creates customer-driven products and services, enabling clients to meet changing demands and bridge the physical-digital divide. With expertise in integration, cloud migration, and API-based architectures, we accelerate our clients' journey to disrupt and reinvent the product and services cycle.

  1. Industry applications
  2. Companion application development
  3. UI/UX/HMI

In an increasingly digital world, companies need fast and immersive digital solutions to stay ahead. Quest Global helps customers meet their unique business needs by delivering connected experiences across Mobile, Web, and IoE. They assist OEMs in integrating and automating design systems, digitalizing engineering and optimizing design. Quest Global also partners with OEMs to develop digital solutions for performance augmentation, predictive analytics, and product enhancement.

  1. AI and Edge AI
  2. Cloud Technologies
  3. AR/VR
  4. Cyber Security

Success Stories

Hardware Platform - Automotive

We developed a generic hardware platform for ADAS/AD helping the customer reduce product development time of automotive ECUs by 40%.

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Remote Vehicle Control Applications

We delivered a remote vehicle control application capable of controlling the car remotely from data centers and navigating the autonomous vehicle from the remote datacenter to a safe location during an emergency.

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Color Critical HD Monitor for Professional Studios

We delivered end-to-end system development of a high-end color-critical monitor used in hardware, software, mechanical development, and product certification for a global leader in computing devices and peripherals headquartered in Palo Alto, California.

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Deep Learning for Automatic Defect Detection & Classification

Quest Global implemented a deep learning network based on CNN to detect and classify defects present in SEM images and bin those defects that do not fall under standard bincodes into a new category.

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