As an AWS (Amazon Web Services) partner for two decades, QuEST combines its digital technology expertise and engineering legacy to help you drive innovation, scale, and agility by accelerating your adoption of AWS. With more than a hundred AWS certified architects and engineers, we offer end-to-end services - from helping you kickstart your journey to migrating and managing solutions that drive digital transformation for your business. We deliver sustainable solutions leveraging AWS services across IoT, AI/ML & Data Analytics to Cloud Migration.


As an AWS Consulting Partner, QuEST has early and extended access to AWS platforms and software, newly released solutions, training and workshops, technology updates and exclusive funding for select client engagements. 


A Dedicated Center of Excellence (CoE) for AWS

AWS Cloud Center of Excellence (CoE) is established in QuEST to achieve excellence in providing cloud services and digital transformational solutions for our industrial and enterprise customers. 


The CoE’s objective is to identify, adopt and promote existing and emerging AWS cloud services to continue to optimize and develop innovative solutions for our customers.


AWS CoE has created  a special focus in the areas of Data & Analytics, Internet Of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Cloud Migration, Security and Compliance and is continuously investing in training and certification of QuEST engineers to solve new challenges.


CoE serves as the fulcrum of our AWS competency within QuEST which in turn helps our customers in their cloud adoption journey.

Our Collaborative Offerings

  • Cloud Consulting & Migration
  • Data & Analytics
  • IoT Solutions
  • Machine Learning

Migrating to Amazon Web Services (AWS) unlocks a score of efficiencies and operational benefits for businesses. From lower costs to increased speed, migration to AWS helps businesses focus more on core competencies and reimagine how they work and innovate. QuEST has enabled many organizations migrate to AWS cloud with a proven approach to help achieve business objectives faster. From assessing and planning, to executing the actual migration, QuEST has in-depth experience, tools and resources to help ensure you succeed, both, during your migration and as you operate on the cloud.

Transforming data into a valuable corporate asset is a complex process that can require several technologies, tools, and environments. By leveraging AWS, we help customers collect, store, govern, and analyze data so they can get insights faster and at a lower cost. The flexibility and scalability of Amazon Web Services helps to build secure and easy-to-use data and analytics solutions into a source of value generation for customers. With these solutions from APN Partners, customers can deploy virtually any big data solution that can grow along with their business.

IoT solutions built using Amazon Web Services (AWS) IoT services deliver the operational and asset transparency customers rely on to increase productivity, accelerate innovation, and maximize the value of their asset data—all while reducing costs. QuEST has proven expertise and knowledge of leveraging AWS IoT services to unlock data from connected assets to implement seamless IoT solutions such as industrial machine connectivity, predictive maintenance, asset tracking & monitoring and many more. Additionally, we can extend the asset and operational data through a wide range of AWS services, including machine learning, advanced analytics, and other emerging technologies to further transform your business and gain competitive advantage.

With high-performance compute options powered by machine learning, AWS enables organizations transform digitally with modern, cloud-native solutions. Leveraging the broad set of AWS machine learning services and supporting cloud infrastructure, QuEST enables organizations to tailor their ML solutions to meet the unique needs of their business. Our customers are already realizing great value from AWS, enabling them to provide new experiences for their customers and drive business growth with improved processes, increased efficiency, and accelerated innovation. We have proven expertise in helping organizations solve the most challenging problems in AI, including data engineering, data science, machine and deep learning, and production deployment for inference at scale.

Key Success Stories with AWS


Cloud-based device management solution that increased the revenue to $1 Billion leveraging AWS analytics and reporting.

Smart Cash Safe

An advanced cash safe solution to monitor the business’s cash at every step of the cash handling process & give clear visibility into the flow of cash at all times.

Fleet Management

A fleet management solution that enables the company to locate, track, monitor & assess their commercial as well as passenger vehicles in real time, 24x7.

Alexa Chat Bot

Automated customer service cognitive chat bot for Alexa. AWS Lambda.

Water Monitoring

Server-less architecture delivering predictive analysis through deployment of sensors to remotely monitor the water quality in swimming pools.

What are Our Customers Saying

For a major lubricant manufacturing company, QuEST developed a fleet management application with a focus on driving positive enhanced outcomes for the business by leveraging AWS cloud & its services. The solution not only enabled the tracking of vehicles fleets, it's usage and retrieval of vehicle insights to increase efficiencies for the driver, but also route management and equipment maintenance that led to an increase in the target sales of the company.


"QuEST has been a great partner. They are very knowledgeable, timely, and will go the extra mile to make a project successful.“ Global Field Test Manager, Oil Manufacturing Company

Our Partnership at Work

As an AWS partner, QuEST has made its presence felt across key tech and industry events and is an active participant in AWS workshops & events held worldwide. Recently QuEST participated in the AWS DeepRacer League, a one of its kind gamified competition, designed to drive engagement in building and training Machine Learning models. The League had 60+ QuESTians compete against each other to build a ML-driven car with Reinforcement Learning (RL) models to race on the track in a 3D virtual racing simulator.


I always had a strong desire to explore Machine Learning. However, busy schedule postponed my learning. All thanks to Quest & AWS, for this wonderful opportunity to participate in the AWS Deep Racer League. The platform was a great experience for beginners like me. I’m super excited for the global DeepRacer League Finale that will be held next.”, said Prayag, the winner of the DeepRacer League.