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The healthcare ecosystem is going through multiple transformations and at the same time. Consumerization of healthcare has urged MedTech companies to revisit the traditional definitions of medical devices and healthcare systems. Remote patient care and telehealth are no more in the realm of de novo healthcare paradigms. Standardization and digitization of health data has brought a whole new set of possibilities for managing healthcare. While the traditional market leaders in the MedTech domain are re-defining their new core in the digital health paradigm, niche players are accelerating innovation in automating healthcare. 


QuEST with 20+ years expertise in MedTech can serve as a partner with unmatched capabilities to upscale in Radiological Imaging, In-Vito Diagnostics and Patient Monitoring. 


We are Trusted Thinking Partner who provides 2-in-1 advantage to customers

  • Partner in the Transformation: Today QuEST works with some of the largest technology companies on bleeding-edge solutions, deploying capabilities like Silicon and Software design to IoT, AI, ML. MedTech customers in connected care, imaging and telemedicine can leverage QuEST’s best in class expertise in emerging technologies.    
  • Partner in the NPD & Sustenance of Medical Devices: With advanced capabilities in product engineering, across mechanical, electronics, software and digital technologies, QuEST is uniquely positioned to help MedTech customers to accelerate NPI programs. At the same time, QuEST has been helping customers to reduce the R&D operational cost in product development through managed services and sustenance engineering.

Certifications and process standards: ISO 13485 Certified | IEC 62304 | ISO 14971 | ISO 26262 | ISO 9001 | ISO 27001 | OHSAS 45001 | IEC 62304

Focus Areas

Imaging Systems and Image Guided Therapy

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Patient Monitoring and Connected Care Systems

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In Vitro Systems

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Digital Enterprise

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  • Innovation and New Product Development
  • Manufacturing and Operations
  • Sustenance and Remediation

Concept & Feasibility, Design & Development, V&V, Regulatory

  • POC, New Product Design
  • CAE (Analysis and Simulation)
  • Engineering and development
  • Testing and Test Automation
  • Digital & pervasive technology services
  • Regulatory compliance support

Design Transfer & Process Engineering, Manufacturing & Sourcing, Supply Chain

  • Process design, DFM, Design Transfer
  • Process Qualification (Cp, Cpk)
  • Tooling development, repair, management
  • Documentation, standard work instructions
  • Supply chain support: supplier qualification, bid packages, supplier transition support

Post-Market Support, Continuity and End-Of-Life Engineering

  • PLM & sustenance support, change management
  • Value engineering, should-costing, teardown
  • Manufacturing non-conformance
  • Performance management (field failure, variation)
  • Remediation and regulatory compliance support
  • Obsolescence Management

Success Stories


Augmented Reality for Equipment Maintenance & Training

30% reduction in installation & maintenance time, 25% reduction in rework and zero travel costs for experts


QuEST Supply Chain Transformation Solutions

40% reduction in operating costs by offloading non-core supply chain activities with team realignments


Efficient and Cost Effective Baby Warmer

Robust & scalable platform architecture with 50% reduced cost of ownership and 40% faster time to market

Supporting the Life Expectancy Revolution

Neonatal Care Systems

A US based Medical Device leader wanted to launch the next generation of neonatal incubators in the market. Time to launch and limited capacity of the core R&D teams were two challenges QuEST helped mitigate. QuEST took the ownership of the sensor qualifications (early on the NPD, with many abstract elements) and the module ownership of the User Interface. Then they freed up the client's core R&D team to focus more on the domain/clinical centric aspects of the program, to accelerate the launch.

Early Detection of Lung Cancer Using Deep Learning

A QuEST IP Computer Aided Diagnosis (CAD) is a major element in the Digital Healthcare paradigm, acting as assistance and second reader to the Radiologist. It automates and makes the diagnosis workflow productive, enabling faster diagnosis, and also lowers the diagnosis costs. The most important contribution of this is early detection of nodules is that it leading to a higher survival rate. This QuEST developed Deep Learning POC has achieved a better accuracy than conventional image processing methods to detect lung nodules. We've achieved a sensitivity of 87% and 93% accuracy.

Remote Patient Monitoring Platform

A North America based customer wanted to enable remote monitoring of vital parameters of ICU patients. This need is more pronounced in ICU care during the current Covid crisis. Integration of multiple clinical parameters and inputs from diverse monitoring systems on a real-time basis is a challenging technical ask. QuEST's experience and medical device software capability helped the consumer to accelerate this NPD program. 

X-Ray System Improving the first time right shot

The need to take multiple X-Rays to get the appropriate image is a problem in radiography. Improving the first time right was a challenge. QuEST's expertise in working with imaging systems for over a decade helped to solve this problem by analyzing the cause of a unused exposure (blurry image, poorly positioned patient) and improving the design. The major benefit was on patient safety. First Time Right means less X-ray exposure to both patient and the technicians.  

Arrhythmia Detection in ECG

Automating the clinical decision making was a major objective for this North America based med tech customer. Clinical parameters like ECG are complex to interpret and also time critical. QuEST was part of the R&D team which developed such ECG systems with inbuilt arrhythmia detection algorithms. This program essentially contributed to the early cardiac arrest predictions, and saved many lives.

MRI System (An EU based customer)

This program tested the true mettle of QuEST's engineering capability with regard to computational elements. QuEST engineers were able to optimize the MRI reconstruction algorithm performance from 2 minutes to 2 seconds. This meant that the patient stays for a much shorter time inside the challenging environment of an MRI gantry.



MR Brain volume analysis using Brain Assist

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High Performance CT Reconstruction Using Stream Programming Paradigms

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Focal Cortical Dysplasia FCD-lesion analysis with complex diffusion approach

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An effective design and verification methodology for digital PLL

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Leader Speak

Our expertise in medical domain, keeping in pace with technology advancements and thirst for continuous improvement enable us to deliver high quality solutions to our customers leading to faster time to market, increased market share and profitability for them.

-Bindu Annie George, QuEST Global

Our Innovative, customized solutions, along with exceptional technical talent supporting Medical Devices product Life Cycle ensures a quick go to market, reduced lead time and larger market share gain.

-Rajeev Nair, QuEST Global

QuEST’s expertise in medical devices and capabilities in providing high quality deliverables in a short time is really impressive.


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