We help CSPs complete their transformation from “carrier” to technology companies. With over two decades of expertise across diverse technologies and industries, we offer fresh and innovative perspectives to support their journey towards transformation and deliver optimal returns on their investments.


We help our customers identify and implement the right technologies, processes, and business models to navigate their transformation journeys successfully. We help our customers to stay ahead of the curve and unlock new growth opportunities in the ever-changing telecommunications industry.


Focus Areas

  • Cloud
  • AI
  • IOT
  • AR/VR

Cloud technology plays a vital role in digital engineering for communications, providing scalable infrastructure and resources for developing, testing, and deploying innovative communication solutions. By leveraging the power of the cloud, we help companies in the communications industry reduce costs, improve efficiency, and accelerate time-to-market for their products and services. Our services include:


⦁ Cloud strategy
⦁ Network cloud & orchestration
⦁ Cloud migration
⦁ Cloud integration

AI is revolutionizing digital engineering in communications by enabling advanced analytics, automation, and predictive capabilities, enhancing network management and customer experiences.


We help companies harness the power of AI to optimize their operations, deliver personalized services, and make data-driven decisions in real-time, driving efficiency and innovation in the communications industry. Our services include:


⦁ Predictive maintenance
⦁ Network maintenance
⦁ Infrastructure maintenance
⦁ Chatbots

Our IoT solutions help customers connect to a vast range of devices, enabling seamless data exchange, paving the way for smart cities, connected cars, and intelligent infrastructure. Through our IoT solutions, we help our customers gather real-time insights, improve monitoring and control, and deliver innovative services to enhance user experiences and optimize operations. Our services include:


⦁ Device connectivity
⦁ Network slicing

Our expertise in AR/VR helps our customers provide immersive experiences, facilitating virtual collaboration, and enabling remote assistance. This often transforms the way they interact with customers, conduct training, and execute complex tasks. We help our customers accelerate decision-making, and create interactive and engaging experiences, ultimately improving productivity, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

Success Stories

Cloud-based personality and theme SDKs for a Singapore-based telecom provider

Created Cloud-based web applications with intuitive UI that can create and manage personalities and themes.

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Strategic partnership with one of the world’s largest mobile operators to move into smart home solutions

Created an ecosystem of intelligent devices within the residence, facilitating automation to manage essential appliances and remote access capabilities to enhance security.

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