Growing up, I always had a passion for engineering. My father dedicated his entire life to working as an engineer at various power plants of the National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC) in India, and as a child, I dreamt about following in his footsteps and becoming an engineer too.

When I landed my first job as a steam turbine engineer, I was over the moon. However, I quickly realized that the reality was very different from what I had imagined. I struggled to find a mentor and spent most of my time sifting through paperwork and documents instead of building things and making the world a better place. It honestly felt like my childhood dream of making a global impact through engineering was slowly slipping away.

Despite struggling to find guidance and support during the couple initial years, I refused to give up on my passion for engineering and love for machinery. Fortunately, my perseverance paid off, and I found opportunities to learn the tricks of trade and hone my engineering skills in years that followed. I was finally able to understand the importance of a guide and mentor and the impact they could have in propelling us further as engineers.

In 2020, when I found my calling at Quest Global, I knew it was my time to make a difference in the space of engineering and mentoring that is needed around it. Here, I have found a supportive culture that aligns with my values. The leaders are open & transparent and care about the team. Innovation sits at the core of everything we do. It offers a wide spectrum of technology that every engineer dreams of.

I have enjoyed sharing my knowledge and learning from my teammates. I have been able to guide and lead the next generation of engineers and help them navigate through the complex world of engineering.

Late last year, I received Peer award for my work and contribution towards continuous learning and it made me reflect on my journey. Looking back, I had always aspired to play a vital role and be a building block in the transformative journey of a global organization. But it is gratifying to realize how much growth and learning can happen when you’re in the right place with the right people and at the right time.

Today, when I think about the towering chimney of the NTPC (National Thermal Power Corporation) plant, where my father used to work and where I grew up dreaming of becoming an engineer, I see it in a whole new light. It’s not just a symbol of engineering marvel anymore; it’s a reminder of the strength of knowledge, the power of shared wisdom, and the endless possibilities that open when someone decides to start over, mentor, and empower.

This is my story of rekindled passion, lessons learned and shared, and a fresh start with Quest Global that kept me on my journey and inspired engineers across the globe to find their true calling.

Written by Akash Deep

on 11 Mar 2024

Senior Lead Engineer