My journey with Quest Global began in 2013, driven by my aspiration to thrive in software engineering. Recruited through campus selection, I had the chance to collaborate with major players in the automotive industry.

In August 2019, a pivotal moment arrived as I eagerly awaited the birth of my child. The incessant inquiries from relatives and friends became overwhelming. After some heartfelt personal reflection, I discovered I was pregnant with triplets—an extraordinarily special gift.

The initial joy became a mix of emotions upon hearing their heartbeats. The doctors prescribed full bed rest throughout the pregnancy, posing significant challenges to my career. Yet, my leads and managers exemplified the Culture Pillar of Care for People at Quest Global. Their understanding and support allowed me to continue working through a work-from-home arrangement, ensuring I remained connected and a welcomed member of the team.

After seven months of struggle and an emergency delivery my three beautiful babies – Bhagat, Ishani, and Janvi arrived. While their arrival called for a month-long stay in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), my colleagues offered their unwavering support, embodying the spirit of our culture and making our House of Quest Global feel like a home.

Rejoining work amidst the pandemic allowed me to witness my babies’ growth. Facing changes in Quest Global and my project I overcame challenges and achieved a promotion with the team’s support.

I am immensely grateful to the people of Quest Global for being my constant pillar of strength. To fellow working women, remember that determination, time management, family support, and a caring organization can help you excel both personally and professionally.

Written by R, Ms. Reshma

on 15 Nov 2023

Project Lead,

Quest Global