I can’t remember the exact date, but I remember as if it were yesterday the horrible feeling of shock, uncertainty, and vulnerability that echoed around the room when it was announced that Quest Global was acquiring Bombardier Gurgaon.

Along with many of my colleagues, emotions were running high as we worried about what would happen to our jobs and how things would change moving forward. I had only previously worked for a services-based engineering company for a very short time, and I must admit it wasn’t a very enjoyable experience.

So, when we were asked to share our concerns with the leadership teams from both companies, I remember nervously speaking up and saying, “My previous experience with a service-based company wasn’t positive, and honestly, the thought of this transition scares me.”

But instead of judgement, my honesty was met with applause and support from Quest Global’s senior team leader, Sonia Kutty. She told us that even though Quest Global is a services company, they work with a product-centric mindset, taking on work from other companies and putting their all into it. Her words were a huge relief to me, and my confidence that things might work out differently at Quest Global was further cemented when Sandeep Diwakar, shared their company’s philosophy: “We dare to reject projects if they compromise quality work.”

This unwavering commitment to excellence resonated with me, and I suddenly started to feel that things would be very different at Quest Global.

Fast forward four years, and I can honestly say I made the right call by giving them a chance. Quest Global has become more than just a workplace; it’s my second home. Their core values—caring for people, humility, and honesty—are more than words; they’re woven into our daily interactions. My managers aren’t just bosses; they’re approachable leaders I can rely on. And the collaborative spirit here is incredible. We’re all well-connected through various communication channels and work together to find solutions.

Looking back, I realise that joining Quest Global was the right decision. I’m immensely grateful to be part of this great team, and I hope my story inspires others to embrace new beginnings, even when fear stands in their way. I’m proud to be a part of Quest Global, and I believe I have found my true calling.

Written by Rubinderjit Kaur

on 01 Apr 2024

Project Manager