Transforming Rail Mobility through Automation

With rapid changes in the technological landscape, staying ahead of the curve has become a significant challenge in the engineering world, impacting R&D departments, factories, and supply chains. Engineering is what powers the world we know today. Transportation relies on the engineering industry and the expertise of those who work in it to move the

From Italy to the World: My journey to becoming an extraordinary engineer and leading my team at Quest Global

My journey to becoming an extraordinary engineer at Quest Global started from my humble origins in Italy. Growing up, I was surrounded by curious people who always found creative solutions to everyday problems. With my mother being a physicist and my father a technical manager, it was only natural that my sister and I became

Unlocking Aftermarket Success: The Crucial Role of Choosing the Outsourced Engineering Services Partner for Repair Engineering

Improving the repairability of aircraft structures, engines, and equipment is key for extending the service life while avoiding expensive replacements. Because of this, many original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) service providers decide to keep their engineering efforts in-house. But this is costly and takes up valuable time and engineering resources.

“From Aspirations to Achievements: The Continuous Learning Journey of an Engineer at Quest Global”

It feels like yesterday, but it’s already been 25 years since I joined Quest Global. I come from a small city in India, and 25 years ago, IT was an unconventional career choice, especially for a woman. Being the youngest member of the family, things were kind of pre-defined for me. Both my father and

Integrating AI-Powered Software Testing

It’s not a matter of whether to use AI for testing, it’s how to use it strategically. Though the benefits and risks artificial intelligence (AI) brings to a business can be controversial, the massive leaps AI is experiencing right now are setting the stage for processing large data swathes that will help companies predict outcomes,

Shifting gears: Towards software-defined industrial automation

Introduction Today, the ICS (Industrial Control Systems) landscape is undergoing a fundamental transformation, driven by four big shifts, which will empower original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and end-users alike to embrace a new era of ICS. Open Process Automation Forum (OPAF) of The Open Group is working on the industry standards (OPAS – Open Process Automation

DataOps for Modern Data Platform

In today’s world of data-driven decision-making, businesses rise and fall by the quality of their data. Data platforms, in this context, play a key role in driving business intelligence across all organization functions. Nevertheless, building a reliable platform requires careful planning, design, and implementation. From selecting the right tools to deciding on its architecture and

OTA Trends in Infotainment

Up until fairly recently, cars were primarily mechanical and electronic. Today, just as the mobile phone has become a platform for software, cars are becoming increasingly connected, with significantly more software than in the past. By 2030, 2.5 billion vehicles—or about 95% of new vehicles sold globally—will be software-laden, connected cars. Software is dramatically changing

From Movie Dreams to Engineering Marvels at Quest Global: Makoto Uramoto’s Engineering Journey

Ever since I was a child, I dreamt of becoming a scientist like Dr. Emmett Brown in the movie “Back to the Future.” There was something about his white lab coat, scientific appearance, and his ability to invent anything that sparked a deep passion within me to explore the wonders of science and engineering. This

Overcoming the Great Caveat of Innovation

While digital transformation is necessary for technological advancement, it also introduces significant data security concerns that must be addressed. Data security has become a top concern as companies increasingly move their operations to the cloud as part of their digital transformation strategy. Though the cloud offers numerous benefits, including scalability, cost-effectiveness, and agility, it also