Development of digital health platform

Developed customizable and modular feature-rich platform for imaging devices

Development of application to perform cardiac stress echo examinations

Developed user-friendly app with advanced imaging capabilities to perform cardiac stress echo examinations

Detection of Covid-19 from X-Ray images with improved accuracy

AI-based detection system with up to 95% accuracy to aid radiologists in detecting COVID19

Substation Projects – Engineering Partner to leading OEMs

Quest Global established an extended engineering team offshore to help a customer execute substation projects and protect their market leadership position.

Sustain, lift & shift grid management system software suite

Learn how we helped a leading OEM in the high voltage segment overcome a shortage of skilled engineers and address their backlog of HVDC and FACTS projects

Project execution support for grid integration (HVDC) and grid stabilization (FACTS)

A major OEM in the high voltage segment was facing a shortage of skilled resources to execute grid integration and stabilization projects. We mobilized a team of engineers to expedite the customers’ HVDC and FACTS projects. We established a reliable system to train and develop talent to meet the current and future requirements of such

Strategic partnership with one of the world’s largest mobile operators to move into smart home solutions

Created an ecosystem of intelligent devices within the residence, facilitating automation to manage essential appliances and remote access capabilities to enhance security.

Cloud-based personality and theme SDKs for a Singapore-based telecom provider

Created Cloud-based web applications with intuitive UI that can create and manage personalities and themes.

Upgrading over 250Mn 2G subscribers to 4G technology

Upgraded customers of one of the world’s largest mobile operators from 2G to 4G technology and enhanced proliferation of 4G access in rural areas.

Enterprise mobility strategy for a telecom giant

Created business services applications equipped with Single Sign On (SSO) from users’ mobile devices that can be downloaded when needed.