Customer challenge

  • Create a user-friendly application to perform cardiac stress echo examinations
  • Design application with fully customizable protocols
  • Integrate with 2D, 4D and other advanced imaging features


  • Software design and architecture
  • Software development
  • Testing


  • Developed the application to meet all the implied and specified customer requirements
  • Integrated with Protocol Assist program to do customizable cardiac stress examinations
  • Image rendering using OpenGL, improved the image quality and performance to meet customer expectations
  • Supported all basic and advanced visualization tools
  • Integrated with 2D, 4D biplane/triplane imaging features
  • Implemented a user-friendly WMS feature
  • Able to operate WMT measurements like cardiac applications during stress echo examination


  • Better control of maintenance and enhanced image quality
  • Highly graphic-intensive application
  • Advanced features such as

       . Customization of protocols

       . WMS

       . WMT


  • Customer could compete in the market with flexible applications
  • Design methods allow for quicker implementation