Quality Assurance

Total quality assurance partner for one of the top 3 HiFi device manufacturer with specialized offshore labs that resulted in 20% less defects via automation

Development of first defense grade Android for mobile devices

First defense grade Android designed from the ground up to overcome the many security shortcomings of the Android Open Source Project (AOSP)

Keyboard Hotkey Support UWP App & Driver Solution

A deep learning network based on CNN to detect and classify defects present in scanning electron microscope images.

Full Product Development of Color Critical Monitor

Next generation control software to be used in teach pendants

Smart & Connected Product

Transformed a dumb cash safe to smart and connected one combining product engineering and digital capabilities thereby improving market share, operational efficiency and profitability.

Enterprise app for Media sales

Heavy Lifting on Hadoop

Integrated Product Engineering

Ownership of integrated product engineering and ODM management of a world class color critical monitor that has won Technology Oscar and Best of NAB awards

HD Camera Design & Development

Putting in more than 1,000,000 hours of passionate engineering, we delivered more than 1500 work Learn how we helped a customer in design, development and certification of HD Camera, as per RTCA-DO-178B DAL C, RTCA-DO-25