• A keyboard filter driver to capture key presses

• A Windows service to process key presses and perform dierent operations

• A UWP application to display system information, communicate to the driver through HSA

• Driver has to adhere to DCHU (Universal driver architecture)

   - Extended the functionality through Extension drivers and SW components

• Windows 10S support

• Servicing of Driver packages through Windows Update (WU)

• Servicing of UWP application from Windows App Store


  • A keyboard filter driver has been developed as a Base Driver which will capture the keystrokes and passes to Hotkey Win32 service
  • An extension driver creates a software component node. Win32 service is installed as a Software component
  • Hotkey UWP App is a Hardware Supported Application (HSA)
  • Version Binding has been adopted for resolving version mismatch between driver and app
  • Migration Blocker has been provided to OS Image so that legacy hotkeys can be replaced with UWP solution without issues



  • Better user experience with the use of dedicated keyboard keys
  • Hassle-free versioning, updates


  • First HSA solution for customer division
  • Supported customer with driver targeting, driver flighting, and serving through WU and App store