• Aircraft Power Supply Design & Development

    sweeping and safe

    Our system design solutions span the product lifecycle end-to-end, meeting the stringent standards RTCA-DO-178C, RTCA-DO-254 & RTCA-DO160G for safety critical applications.

  • Embedded System Design Marine – Instrument Cluster

    legacy and latest

    Be it legacy systems or ones that run on latest technologies, we have the capability to support in service products as well as fully design and develop next gen systems.

What began as a system support journey has today graduated to end-to-end system design and development of products that call for stringent safety and reliability. Our vast product development experience over the years, domain knowledge in diverse industries and our deep technology expertise come together to deliver exceptional advantage for you, when you intend to outsource system engineering. We work on systems right from the conception stage through product certification as a one stop solution, thereby sparing you from the tediousness of dealing with multiple solution providers for various stages of system design, development and support. From aerospace and transportation to industrial and communication, our systems engineering capabilities span various industries that we dabble in. Our system architect experts have the expertise and judgment to make hardware, software trade-offs using appropriate technologies to optimize cost.

Our capabilities include and are not limited to:

  • Intelligent systems development
  • Power electronics
  • Microprocessor and FPGA based high speed board design
  • Security systems
  • Instrument cluster design for transportation applications
  • Our tie-ups with manufacturing facilities, other technology partnerships, well linked supply chain make us a nodal point for rapid prototyping.   

  • Our 7-point framework and the unique QuEST Cost Engineering Process (QCEP) work to reduce the cost of product development while improving their value.

Leader Speak

  • Yadukumar B

    Our diverse domain expertise, knowledge of legacy and latest technologies, years of product development experience and a unique proven methodology for system design, make us a leader in end-to-end system design and development.