Customer Challenge

We worked with the client to ensure that the design of draught screens fitted in the wheelchair area were capable of withstanding loads in line with GM/RT 2100 requirements.

Our design had to be capable of withstanding acceleration loads of (+4.5gX,-1gZ) resulting from wheelchair under ultimate loading conditions.


  • To design a suitable draught screen to be used at Wheelchair area for customer train platform project
  • Design to be compatible with other customer train platform projects
  • Concept to be designed and reviewed through to PDR/DDR with structures, methods and industrial design teams
  • Release all necessary drawings in VPM/PDM


  • Carry out a study of the existing screen
  • Create concept designs for the client
  • Validate designs with the structural design, CFT, methods teams and others
  • Review manufacturability with the suppliers and the assembly sequences with the methods team
  • Create a BoM and detailed drawings (with GD&T)


  • Concept ideas generated through close working with client team
  • Design complies to requirements with GM/RT 2100. Regular screens were only capable of withstanding loads from seated vestibule seats passengers and excessive loads
  • Reviewed drawings with the supplier in China to make sure the part and assemblies are manufacturable


Our collaborative design is compatible with multiple customer train projects

The design can be used as a platform solution across all future train projects

This new design meets GM/RT 2100 requirements

New reinforcement design has been structurally validated for load cases for wheelchair and excessive loads

We reviewed and agreed the design with all stakeholders, including the suppliers, prior to release

Released 3D design and drawings for all levels through to production to keep teams fully informed