The scope

The customer operates a rail yard and required a system that focuses on effective management. This digitalised system needed to help with ongoing developments and identify bugs raised by business analysts and end users. 

As part of the customer’s service, it also needed an application that addressed any quality assurance by providing a regression suite for all its clients – considering automation and manual testing as part of this.

The solution

We developed an integrated system (OASIS) to communicate to various systems the customer was using, such as HOST, VMU, GAIT, WSC through DMQs using SOCKETS. Through this integration, any transactions in the yard were stored in the database, significantly reducing admin time. 

Using the OASIS Vantage Application, the customer was able to log data and save any time inputting data, while reducing the potential for human error.

The system also creates GAIT and VMU emulators to help the customer complete any work orders.


  • Integration: It allowed for on-time delivery for multiple releases which includes patch releases and major enhancements
  • Support: The integration of this system helped to utilise QuEST resources to support them, reducing the need to hire internal resources


  • Enablement: The customer can now operate various functions with ease, such as Ingate and Outbound, Inbound and Outgate, Super track, auto edit, chassis retrieval and database transactions.
  • Automation: Regression test suites from automation and manual scripts cover entire application test scenarios.