In the age of smart, connected, and autonomous vehicles, infotainment systems and HMIs are rapidly emerging as critical features. Today, testing the intricate functions performed by infotainment HMIs before the start of actual production is one of the major issues encountered by automobile OEMs. Test automation has emerged as a proven method to shorten test cycles, enhance quality, and accelerate go-to-market strategies while saving critical resources. Although there are a wide variety of free resources and paid test automation software in the market, these have some limitations while automating complex HMI and embedded systems. This whitepaper details a test automation framework that provides a superior experience for sampling, analyzing, and manipulating a constructive mechanism to test an intuitive HMI system using Artificial Intelligence.


Quest Global's AI powered test automation solution provides critical benefits such as: 

  • Accelerating testing cycles in line with shorter product refresh cycles
  • Enhancing testing efficiency and test coverage
  • Cost efficiency
  • AI reduces the rework effort if there is any change in the screen orientation or size
  • AI improves the efficiency of control recognition

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