Customer Challenge

To design sunblind-equipped window assemblies for long distance trains designed for outer suburban use the customer. These were a first for the customer and needed to suit a first class passenger environment.


To develop sunblind-equipped windows that could be used in the future on other, similar projects by the client

Concept design and review through critical design review / preliminary design review / detailed design review with structures, methods and industrial design teams

Release all necessary design documents using product data management software


  • We looked at the possibilities of incorporating sun blinds on existing window panels
  • Following this we created multiple concept designs
  • Then we validated concept proposals with CFT, interface design description, methods & maintenance and human factors teams
  • We reviewed manufacturability with supplier, and we examined assembly sequences with the methods team


  • A range of alternate concept ideas conforming to car body, luggage rack, infill panels, dado panels and first class partition designs
  • Design ideas presented in CFTs and to allow best concept to be selected for implementation
  • Supplier collaboration – with final design and drawings discussed with a component manufacturer in China
  • Prototype tested using current window assemblies


  • Our collaborative design is compatible with the existing designs and can be used as a platform solution across all future train projects
  • The sunblind design works using a pull rod that allows it to be held in place at intermittent positions
  • The sunblind fabric is kept tense using a bespoke mechanism
  • Our supplier built a full-scale prototype using an existing window panel which was reviewed and approved by the end customer
  • We released 3D design data and drawing which assisted in all levels of the project from design to production