The project covered device transformation with converting an analog device to a smart connected device. The core objectives of the project included:


  • Transforming traditional cash safe device to a smart and connected cash safe leveraging IoT
  • End to end multidisciplinary product engineering
  • Software applications to enhance efficiency and increase revenues


Quest provided end-to-end solution including:


  • Electronics hardware, firmware, middleware and application - design, development & prototyping
  • Hardware redesign with advanced microcontroller and form factor backward compatibility
  • Plug-in architecture for adding new modules
  • Redundant memory backup for restoring failed modules
  • Certification support for the h/w and products
  • Introduced connectivity module
  • Development of Android and iOS mobile applications for accessing the data from cloud


  • Enhanced security for lock boards and encrypted inter-board and external communication to meet UL standards
  • Cloud based management system and mobile enabled Field Technician Support System
  • Information on the Go, Live up-to-date information accessible on any device, any time and anywhere
  • Live status reporting and push notification to all registered users via fully electronic record keeping


  • 4000 safes released in the market and will be scaled up to 10,000
  • Increased efficiency for all stakeholders by 30-50%
  • Reduced maintenance costs with features like FOTA and remote monitoring
  • Enabled PaaS (Product-as-a-Service) business model enabling customer to explore new revenue streams
  • Advanced cash safe having innovative features
  • Improved market share and brand perception