Customer Challenges

  • Multiple customers were struggling with developing automation solutions to solve unique problems related to wafer processing and wafer inspection hit the market at the right time
  • QuEST created a fully SEMI standards-compliant equipment automation solution for implementing EDA standards.


  • Reliable and fully SEMI standards-compliant automation software which enables the product to hit
    the market at the right time


  • A complete factory automation solution IP developed by QuEST for implementing Interface A (EDA) standards for Equipment OEMs
  • Implementation of SEMI standards - SEMI E120, E121,_E125, E128,_E132,_E134, E138, and E147


  • Reduced time to market
  • High Volume, Real-time data on-demand without affecting normal equipment performance
  • Fully compliant with all relevant SEMI standards


  • Supports latest SEMI EDA standards (E120, E121, E125, E128, E132, E134, E138, and E147)
  • Passed all EDA test cases of ISMI and SAT, fully tested using ECCE client.
  • EDA can be integrated to any OEM with minimal customization using the Falcon EDA SDK.
  • Provides high security features that determine the client level that can be connected to the system
  • High-performance data collection from equipment.
  • Data collection frequency exceeds the SEMATECH stated performance expectations
  • Supports both 32bit and 64bit Operating systems

Falcon EDA – Factory Automation (EDA)