• 5 week intense Architecture workout and developing PoC to prove the architecture concepts
  • To build the scalable, high available and high performing visualization platform in 18 months
  • Developing the highly scalable and extensible UI components
  • Future road map for the platform with product release alignments
  • Support any type of data protocols
  • Prepare platform to support different deployment models based on product needs.
  • Support product team with queries and possible defects


Leverage QuEST’s expertise in digital and enterprise solutions.  

  • Evaluated and ensured a proper architecture to support most of the product needs and provided extensions points for use.
  • Develop the Design documentation and support forums for Product development team support
  • Introduced Plug-in architecture for ease of adapting to new data protocols
  • Developed transformers for adapting to open/interoperability standards like HL7 and FHIR
  • Test Application development to test the developed components and CSV validated Simulator development for Data adaptors, automation and testing


  • Reduced time to market and effort by 70%
  • Unified look and feel for products across organizational space
  • Enable release to production every Quarter - power of automation
  • First SaaS based platform software that can plot waveform data from multiple input data protocols


  • Delivered a fully functional platform and 3 Test applications  in 18 month
  • Enabled SaaS (Software-as-a-service) business model.
  • Customer won first order with in 3 months of its first evaluation release and a major hospital network chain has signed the order for its multiple sites along with the official software release


  • A highly scalable, available and high performing standalone or cloud based visualization platform that can render data across multiple modalities
  • Highly reusable UI components that ease and reduce development time and effort
  • 80% UI reusability across WEB and Mobile platforms
  • Easy pluggability of different data from various protocols
  • Technologies Supporting microservices based SaaS deployments – Kubernetes, Docker, Angular, Kafka, Springboot, CI/CD enabling
  • High level of Test Automation (almost 100%) for BDD based functional testing