Customer Challenge

Simulation is increasingly being used in the development cycle for new products, both to augment and offset costly testing of prototypes. CFD can be used to augment testing requirements by allowing proper selection of motors, and can be used to down select designs before going through a full prototype and testing phase. This leads to an overall reduction in development cycle time and costs.


  • Evaluate performance of rotary wobbler over transient operating cycle to provide predictions as compared to flow loop testing
  • Estimate torque loads on the wobbler to aid motor sizing


  • Geometry divided into several fluid volumes for rapid mesh generation and more efficient simulation time
  • Multiple wobbler positions meshed and analyzed during the transient operation
  • Transient movement of the valve was modelled through discrete mesh movement in ANSYS CFX



  • Torque loads for proper motor sizing provided
  • CFD predictions were validated with flow loop test data


  • Reduced new product development time and cost due to truncated testing by augmenting CFD simulation
  • QuEST expertise allowed the approach for this model to be optimized to reduce overall simulation time


  • CFD results allowed proper motor spec to be selected – reducing risk of overspend or facing problems during testing due under size