Customer Challenge

A major power OEM wanted to 

  • Introduce a scalable, secure, customizable and cost-effective remote monitoring solution
  • Create a platform which can monitor, manage and forecast the power generation to help meeting supply commitments to utilities


  • Develop and deploy a low-cost, light-weight custom-built Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) system to remotely monitor Solar Plant
  • Reduce operational and maintenance cost
  • Provide efficient and professional maintenance support to end-users
  • Reduce and minimize the cost for plant commissioning


  • Customized EAGLE Framework – Solution accelerator for local & remote monitoring
  • Build Solar Photovoltaic (PV) specific computation engine
  • Integrate 1 PLC and 2 Modbus gateways that collect data from field devices (~2000 IO points)
  • Integrate systems specific to PV like weather stations, pyranometer, etc.
  • Integrate third party AC and DC side equipment like invertors, and transformers
  • Implement automated as well as manual control features for periphery lightings and exhaust fans
  • Implement remote monitoring of the plant from customer headquarters



  • Highly modular, scalable and customizable platform for remote visualization and control
  • Built-in capabilities like Geospatial information, remote data acquisition, Reporting and highly customized action user interface
  • Uses industry standard technologies like Object Linking and Embedding (OLE) for Process Control (OPC) Universal Adaptor (UA) for secure and reliable data transfer over internet
  • Supports wide range of industrial protocols
  • Offers powerful and intuitive user interface building capabilities with scripting support


  • Completed in optimum cost and time
  • System commissioned is easily manageable by customer’s team of engineers


  • End-user (power generation company) provided
  • Successful implementation of solar plant monitoring solution
  • Operation and maintenance of the plant at minimal cost
  • Meeting supply commitments to utilities
  • Increased readiness to scale – commission more PV plants and increase power generation