It’s been 16 years since I started working for EXB Solutions and a year since we were acquired by Quest Global. Recently, I’ve been reflecting on my time with the company and how things have unfolded since our small, but mighty team was acquired. It’s been an interesting journey: my entry into EXB was non-traditional, as I came into the company with a GED and a BS in Engineering Physics and no real background in software. When I first started working at one of EXB’s satellite offices, I worried about whether I belonged there or not. 


Those fears were quickly put aside. I had an incredible team of people who were very supportive and kept me motivated as I figured things out. Eventually I had the distinct opportunity to work with some of the more experienced members of EXB, like Jeff Square and Tom Myers. They served as mentors, helping me recognize that a pure engineering role might not be the best fit for. Later on, Randy Hartman and Don Hughes worked with me to identify my unique strengths, eventually guiding me to a project management role, where I found to be a much better fit for my skill set. I’m grateful for all of the support they provided during my earliest days with EXB.


Equally important was EXB’s overarching values and principles. Our company was built on foundational principles of aspiration, hunger, and humility. From my earliest days at EXB, I was nurtured by a culture of continuous learning, innovation, and care for others, which supported my development, while learning to better support my team. A good company culture makes you feel like you’re right at home, and that has been apparent throughout my time at EXB. 


When I first heard the announcement that we’d been acquired by Quest Global, admittedly, I was nervousl. Our culture is what made me feel like I belonged and it was foundational to my professional development. I was concerned that we’d end up going in a direction I didn’t like. Thankfully, those concerns were quickly abated. The transition has gone exceedingly well, in part because Quest Global’s values and principles are so closely aligned with EXB’s. Quest Global is built on the same foundation of aspiration, humility, and hunger, and values customer-centricity, integrity, and collaboration as much as any organization you care to name. 


During an acquisition, there’s always the concern that you’ll end up losing your individual identity, but the mutual respect EXB and Quest Global have for one another allows us to not only maintain, but strengthen and support one another. Without that central alignment with our cultures, values, principles, the acquisition would have been far much more burdensome. Though there have been challenges in the past year, we’ve been able to move forward knowing that the people at Quest Global are just as eager to deliver upon our customer’s needs and make the world a better place. 


Going forward, I’m confident that our collaboration with Quest Global will drive further innovation and success for both of us. With our shared principles of aspiration, humility, and hunger, I know that we will continue delivering the best outcomes for our customers. Together, we can effectively work together toward our goals. It has been a joy to participate in the merging of two great companies. I’m excited to be a part of this new chapter with EXB Solutions. 


Brandon Ritter

Capability Leader - Software Engineering, Quest Global

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