Customer Challenge

Seeking partner to develop Sub-System Hardware for a new UK variant of an existing Customer Radar


  • Radar development programme to develop upgraded AESA / E-Scan Radar with additional modes of operation, advanced functionality, wider FoR
  • Critical shortage of resource
  • Development of HW for sub-systems (Radar PX, RX & ANT LRIs) to meet project milestones


  • QuEST Global hardware team closely integrated with customer systems/hardware teams
  • Development of multiple Hardware SRI’s
  • Development of test I/F’s for SRI HW design proving (DVT)
  • Requirements documentation (HRS, DVM, ICDs)
  • HW design & analysis documentation (Schematics, HDD, PCB Layout RS, comp. derating, thermal analysis, etc)
  • APL/BOM creation, support to Purchasing for component procurement
  • Verification test documents (DAS, DTS, PAS)


  • LRI Controller modules, including complex FPGA’s & high-speed serial I/F’s
  • High-speed Digitizer. wide dynamic range, high SNR
  • Plank modules (interface to AESA antenna element TRM’s)
  • Redesigned PSU to provide low voltage supplies for COTS VPX Processor/FPGA modules
  • Full HW lifecycle, milestone development process & stage Design reviews
    • HW Requirements capture & traceability
    • HW Architecture & Detailed design (schematics)
    • PCB Layout
    • MDP (ODB/Gerbers, Assy Dwgs, BOMs)
    • HW Test & Verification

Value Delivered

  • Development of critical HW, utilizing Quest Global capability and experience, locally and elsewhere in UK
  • Programme timescales met despite key customer resources being transferred to latest projects
  • Trusted partner for HW development and technical assessment of HW designs