Customer Challenge

Helping clients to upgrade software and planning

This required new project structure and mapping to cater for a large amount of data to be migrated to the new system.


  • To migrate the existing project plans from excel to Primavera. Activities on the project would require three phases:
  1. Phase I: Migration from excel to Primavera of the forecast and milestones
  2. Phase II: Creation of project structure including
  3. Phase III: Assign resources to each activity


  • Refer to the excel spread sheets of multiple projects
  • Create a project structure by providing relevant details and defining project calendar
  • Creation of activities
  • Resource Assignment
  • Update actual units provided by the client


  • The complete migration of 56 projects from Excel to Primavera P6, helping for tracking KPIs and staff work.


  • The full migration of Project data used for tracking from MS Excel to Primavera P6
  • Tracking of efforts per activity and linked to timesheets of resources