Customer challenge

Our customer, a manufacturer and integrator, was seeking to expedite their product development efforts while supporting their existing pipeline of customer project implementations & commissioning, and their live customer warehouses


  • Fulfill technical capacity gaps and find an engineering partner who could take ownership of strategic work streams such as project implementation, commissioning, test automation, product development, etc.
  • Meet their go-to-market timeline and sustain their current operations.


  • Quest Global partnered with the customer to provide product development support for WES/WCS software for receiving, replenishment, delaying applications, and simulation solutions.
  • Other solutions included implementation and QA support for AutoStore, ASRS systems, Pallet and Case, and sortation applications.
  • Quest Global deployed teams skilled in cloud technologies, microservice-based architecture, simulation and test automation frameworks, and dev-ops strategies.
  • Quest Global trained resources in warehousing and logistics operations.


Leveraging our experience in building large engineering teams and utilizing our local-global model, Quest Global was able to enhance the customers’ team by ~160 full-time engineers worldwide while saving the customer more than $10M annually.