It is estimated that chip shortage will cost automakers close to $110bn in revenues in 2021, directly hampering the production of 3.9 million vehicles*. This has created an urgent need for automakers to quickly find an alternate while the supply chain bounces back to normalcy.


With our focus on ‘Obsolescence Management’ and experience in re-engineering, QuEST has been helping customers in swiftly addressing this unique situation in a very cost-effective way with faster turn-around time & minimal disruption to client’s team by leveraging our ‘PCB Sustenance Factory’.


We not just enable a PCB refresh, but also address downstream requirements that arise due this refresh viz., firmware/software repurposing, end to end validation and verification and certification, making this a truly a one stop Factory.


Download the whitepaper to learn more of the solution & contact us to grab your opportunity in the ongoing chip famine!

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