Customer Challenge

Develop Solutions for non-conformance that occurs during product operation


  • Analysis of reported Non-conformance
  • Develop Technical Solution proposal and buy off with other Domain Specialists on the solution
  • Technical Variance report ( Repair, Service or Reject)
  • Deliver solution to O/H base
  • Continuous Manual Enrichment


  • $400Mn+ per annum cost avoidance (Direct cost of replacement parts).
  • First level signatory authority in QuEST
  • Specialization to handle engine hot, cold, external and transmission components
  • 90% Process ownership and delivery from offshore best cost region
  • Exceeded the SLA on TRT delivery performance and increased satisfaction of overhaul bases
  • Agile resource deployment, allowing for significant unplanned growth
  • Focus on what the customer values key for helping the program achieve zero AOG
  • Delivering 15% manual improvement per year
  • Aggressively giving and pursuing process improvements, such as golden hour and deployed engineers

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