Customer Challenge

We used a file mapping tool solution to bring important files on train masses across from one set of files to be reconfigured in another. This work for MTR ensured the swift updating of important figures, allowing the client to quickly bid for new business.


To prepare a mass properties report for a new bid – taking data from a previous bid using a file mapping tool

Quest Global Solution

  • Study all relevant files
  • Compare the configuration from the former bid and the newer bid, and check for any differences
  • Study the interior units needed as part of the current bid


  • Updated standing areas for trains were created
  • Updated seats and assemblies were created
  • All car overall configurations were brought up to date
  • Summary sheets were also able to consider minimum, nominal and maximum masses.

Customer Benefits

  • Mass properties report files with correct project number, name, and linking was delivered quickly, without anyone needing to manually recapture old work
  • Mass Properties Report files including summary sheets – detailing ”nominal”, “minimum” and “maximum” contingencies was updated providing full understanding of possible scenarios