• The existing system consists of a control board with a Main CPU, a Control CPU and a Sub CPU of which the Main CPU provides the user interface to the centrifuge system. The existing system is an OS-less implementation and therefore has limited options for future enhancement. The need was to redesign the system with a Main CPU board running Linux operating system with QT based application and a control board.



  • Main CPU Board Hardware re-designed using TI AM3352 1GHz ARM Cortex-A8 Processor.


  • Embedded Linux  version 3.12
  • Qt (LGPL) of Digia is to be used for GUI development
  • Existing code is Ported to new platform
  • Look & Feel of GUI as maintained as like existing system


  • Development, Manufacturing and System Integration Partner
  • Improved market share


  • Cost saving of existing board by PCB size reduction with advanced features.