Customer Challenge

90% of testing is done in actual CT machine which reduces  development speed


  • Develop a simulator to replicate the functionalities of gantry of a CT machine.
  • The simulator should be connected to imaging workstation & table without actual X-Ray generator & detector.
  • The simulator should be used for development and testing the Imaging software modules and also for V&V of the full system


  • QuEST developed Hardware Gantry simulators by re-using the existing CT Controller boards and its peripherals.
  • The system was powered without using actual CT Power distribution unit.
  • The peripherals were deployed in the customized 18U rack and the external connectivity option was provided for table, scan control board and foot pedal switches.


  • Reduced the time of Software Development Lifecycle as 80% of testing done at workstation side
  • Reduced the Risk of Intrusive Software Testing
  • Simulators mimic most of the functionalities of Gantry and reduced the risk & dependency on Actual CT bay
  • System testing required only for performance & image quality related testing