Customer Challenge

To reduce the development time of Automotive ECUs, Quest developed a generic hardware platform that can be used for various automotive applications such as


  • ADAS
  • Autonomous Drive
  • Body and Chassis


  • Tricore/ Aurix based System Controller
  • Safety Operating System.
  • Redundancy, Automotive Software ready
  • Proven middleware (Storage, Timing, Comms) with Safety
  • Software for high reliability
  • System Monitoring, Diagnostics


  • 8 Video In Streams, 8 Video Out Stream
  • PoC connection to remote camera modules
  • G-Streamers, Timing Synchronization, Rendering middleware
  • 4G/5G Connectivity
  • 4 Modem cards with Diversity and MIMO configuration
  • 6 antennas per card
  • GNSS supported
  • Modem BW tuning
  • All the Test and Diagnostics Software
  • Remote Software loading/updates

Value Delivered

  • Reduce product development time by 40%
  • Availability of tested and ready to use applications(use cases)

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