Customer Challenge

Standardization of loom assembly across aero engines

A global aero engine manufacturer needed a new loom assembly design for every engine program – the activity was always on the critical path of Engine Development Program 


Standardize Flight Test Instrumentation (FTI) lead-out loom assembly through:

  • Sensing pick-up point to disconnect panel
  • Disconnect panel to Data Acquisition Unit (DAU)


  • Study FTI measurement matrix applicable for each temperature zone
  • Review & propose lead-out, end-connector, cable details for various measurements
  • Propose arrangement layout for lead-out routing from different measurement zones
  • Calculate loom length from measurement pick-up point to disconnect panel and disconnect panel to DAU
  • Study surrounding geometry and devise lead-out strategy
  • Develop concept devising various lead-out techniques, standards, and securing methods
  • Standardize the loom length applicable for each of the measurement zones
  • Create standard loom assemblies of all variants
  • Define lead-out matrix for each measurement zone



  • Propose standard configuration of end-connectors, cables and consumables for advance ordering
  • Standardized arrangement of end connectors
  • Standardized loom assemblies of different variants


  • Significant improvement in lead time of loom manufacturing
  • Reduced engineering effort
  • Standardized loom assembly applicable for different engine program
  • Improved engine development program plan


  • Reduction in manufacturing lead time
  • Cost saving due to reduced variants
  • Elimination of engineering effort for 3D routing and scheme drawing
  • Elimination of 3D harness design and harness drawing