Customer Challenge

Machine Migration


Aircraft component manufacturer wanted to replace 12 old CNC M/c (Mitsubishi) to 6 high tech M/c (Makino MAG1) in order to improve process and manufacturing efficiency.

Customer wanted to understand actual value benefits that can be realized and investment required for the project well before the plan is executed in real time.

All new Machines to be part of flexible manufacturing cell with automated guided vehicle (AGV) for pick and place.


To develop 3D model of cell layout for new machines with robots and validate the manufacturing efficiency through virtual process simulator


  • As-is analysis of current conditions
  • Value stream mapping
  • Build 3D layout of cell for simulation
  • Virtual Factory validation
  • Line of Balance and Material Flow
  • Develop new scenarios
  • Plant Layout assembly and detail drawing
  • Business case of value benefits


  • Design and develop new production scenarios
  • Line of Balance & Precedence charts
  • Redefine Process plans & fixtures
  • NC programs with online inspection
  • Tools Used : Catia, Tecnomatix, 3DVIA


  • Decrease throughput time as much as 40-60%
  • Increase production efficiency by 25-to 40%
  • Optimized factory space by 45% & allowed space for new capital equipment's
  • AGV & Green Button concept reduced manual intervention and idle time by 60%
  • Standardised Tooling's & Fixtures – Zero investment to accommodate new commodities
  • Operator per shift reduce from 12 to 3

Project highlights

  • Automation
  • Virtual Factory Simulation

  • AGV for pick & place
  • Probing implementation for part presence & inspection
  • Probing for Cutting tool, Machine Table and fixture calibration

  • Ergonomics Validation
  • Material Flow
  • Bottleneck Analyser
  • Line Balancing

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