The project aimed to deliver comprehensive laptop data security to a global leader in computing devices & peripherals. With an estimated 1 in 10 chance that a laptop will get stolen in its lifetime, the average total cost to a business from a single laptop loss is nearly $50,000. With 98% of stolen laptops never recovered, the chances of serious data breaches are always high. Remote working has further added to the complexity of the challenge.


The Quest solution provides enhanced security and protection to your critical devices and data and prevents them from serious misuse. It enables users to:


Find device in near-real-time if it is reported missing/stolen

Lock the device at firmware level to prevent booting past the BIOS without entering pin

Erase the device at HW level such that it has no data - not even OS


The solution is powered by hardware-enforced persistence as a defense against the dark art by protecting below-the-OS. It provides insulation against insider threats and server borne attacks by using state of the art cryptography.


  • User can find and lock the device in case of a device loss
  • User can erase and lock device in case of a device loss
  • Solution is SPOF proof and prevent hacker break-ins or a disgruntled employee from erasing other devices