Customer Challenge

We had to create an end wall which incorporated a maintenance hatch, worked with floor tolerances and ergonomically housed mounted devices and buttons.


  • To design end walls and make mountings arrangements for intercommunication components at all entrance and passenger areas
  • Concept design and review through to preliminary design review with interior department & system engineer.
  • Create assembly tree structure with proper mounting sequence.
  • Creation of manufacturing drawings and release in customer portal.


  • Investigate the supplied concept by interface design description team
  • Feasibility study of the given concept
  • Develop concept designs
  • Design review with the product quality team
  • Review manufacturability and assembly sequences


Proposed similar end walls design at other entrances, with same components which can be used multiple times.


  • A similar design to the one developed here can be incorporated with new projects.
  • We imbued customer with confidence on the project without overwhelming them with an unnecessary level of guidance
  • Achieved the quality requirements, covering essential parameters including safety