Design & develop easy to use, scalable, cloud based device management solution : 

  • The overall software Framework and analytics functionalities to enable DaaS scenario
  • Integration with the Customer Support systems and Mobility solutions to provide real time hardware analytics


Device to cloud engineering involving:

  • Device Management Functions
  • Security
  • Identity Management
  • Cloud Deployment
  • Device Analytics
  • Predictive Maintenance


  • Enabled digital transformation of the OEMs business model and generated new revenue streams
  • Local-global team facilitated quick scale-up of resources while controlling R&D costs
  • Strong Agile and DevOps practice ensured delivery of high quality products


  • Customer has generated additional revenue of over $ 1 Billion leveraging this platform


  • Analytics & Proactive Management
  • Insightful Analytics reports
  • Technologies:
  • AWS, Azure (MS recorded data), Google Cloud (Click Stream)
  • Clients: iOS, Android, Windows
  • Java/ J2EE tech, Spark, Scala, Python, C#, C++, Objective C, Jmeter, Selenium

Device as a Service