• Connect car to the cloud using owners mobile phone
  • Collect vehicle data, analyze it and generate alerts and reports
  • Unified mobile application replacing legacy apps
  • Provide value-added features such as navigation and driver/vehicle monitoring


End-to-end solution from modifying infotainment box to cloud infrastructure and mobile applications for Android and iOS.


  • Connection with Car over USB/BT/Wi-Fi/ Android Auto/ Car Play
  • Continuous Sensor Data Collection
  • IVI Personification
  • What3 Words
  • System Alert & Notification
  • User Feedback Management


  • Efficient and effective tool to monitor vehicle
  • Increased security and Safety
  • Better management of vehicle health.


  • More than 3 Years in production
  • More than 7 car models
  • 2000+ active users
  • More than 200K mobile application downloads


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